The Temple where the Spirit 0f Universal Love Lives - the Hearts that Stand and Work in Universal Love -
by whatever name; whether they know it or not; whether they stand together or alone; whether they know each other or not. Church is nothing except for this. Ever. "Blessed are the PeaceMAKERS."

Christlikes are the church, by whatever name. There is none other.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Experts. Our Souces of Truth.

PRIMARY:  The Still Small Voice born within us all.  Reclaimable by most of us.
"I will allow just one tyrant in my life, the still small voice within."  Gandhi.  Us too.

SECONDARY:  The words and Life of Jesus.  The writings of Tolstoy:


Psychology:  Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl, Mihalyi
Csikszentmihalyi, Carl Rogers.

Sociology:  Pitirim Sorokin (Ways and Power of Love)

Committed Living: Teresa of Calcutta, ML King Jr., Gandhi, Diane Wilson,
Amy Goodman, Vandana Shiva, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Rachel Maddow,
Eleanor Roosevelt, Kathy Kelley, Oscar Romero....

Literature:  Charles Dickens

Movies:  The Matrix, Medicine Man, Man of LaMancha, Dry White Season,
Power of One, Cry Freedom, V for Vendetta, John Q...

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