The Temple where the Spirit 0f Universal Love Lives - the Hearts that Stand and Work in Universal Love -
by whatever name; whether they know it or not; whether they stand together or alone; whether they know each other or not. Church is nothing except for this. Ever. "Blessed are the PeaceMAKERS."

Christlikes are the church, by whatever name. There is none other.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

On Ritual, Mysticism, Dogma, Prayer....

We're simple folk, because the Truth of Life is enormously simple.

What is Sacred to us, what is Sacrosanct is Universal Love, by
whatever name - because Universal Love IS Life, IS Love, IS
Peace-of-Heart, IS Joy - and all else is Death.

The purpose of Life is to advance the wellbeing of the group - the species,
all of humanity [and that requres that we advance the wellbeing of the
entire planet and all its inhabitants.  Objectively, this is the Truth.]

If their is some "higher being" that is not clearly known or knowable
to us - that's not our business.

"Mankind is our business."  Dickens.

Universal Family is our business.  This is what we have time for.  This
is what pre-occupies us. 

Dogma is NOT useful to the scientist, competitive sportsman,
serious warrior... OR TO US.

Scripture - the written words of Jesus, and a very few (if any)
passages from the Bible are useful to us - as expressions of DNA /
scientific / psychological / reality / Truth!  The words of Scripture
are no more sacrosanct than are the words of Einstein.  And no less so.

Prayer - Like exercise, the purpose of Prayer is to strengthen us
for the work - of Radical Service, TOTAL Service of the least of these.

Mysticism - every tic of the second hand you and I lose one of our
young sisters or brothers to the ravages of poverty.  28 million
per year to EASILY PREVENTABLE causes.  We have time for
mysticism?  Ritual?  Sacraments?  When your biological child, wife,
mom is starving - do you pray or act.  ACT.  Well, ALL ARE OUR

And the degree to which we Pray, use Sacraments, Secripture...
it is EXACTLY AND ENTIRELY to prepare us for effective Service of

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