The Temple where the Spirit 0f Universal Love Lives - the Hearts that Stand and Work in Universal Love -
by whatever name; whether they know it or not; whether they stand together or alone; whether they know each other or not. Church is nothing except for this. Ever. "Blessed are the PeaceMAKERS."

Christlikes are the church, by whatever name. There is none other.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

On How to Live

Never in history has earth been so devoid of Health, Universal Love.

Never in history has it been so difficult to Live as our DNA is designed
for us to live - in Joy.

The purpose of life is to reduce the suffering of the least of these
our Family, and to increase their Joy - to Save them from Death
and bring them to Life... FOR THE JOY OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what
we are designed for. This is what Life does. This is what Love does!

To Live is to center around / dedicate / DEDICATE our lives out of Love to
the Least of these Our global Family - COME WHAT MAY to us
personally, physically - that it cost our very life tomorrow, or over the course
of 100 years. Physical life is important ONLY insofar as it serves the
Yearnings and Purpose of the Spirit!

If we are not poor, we are not aLive. What Family member lives
in overprivelage when their Loved one is in rags, or dying, or suffering,
or in need. NO Family member. So it is with us, OUT OF LOVE.

We embrace Our entire global Family as Family - FOR THE JOY OF IT.

Because we had forgotten, most of us had to Re-Adopt Our
least of these Family - and THIS Saved us from Death - in this we
are Reborn.

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