The Temple where the Spirit 0f Universal Love Lives - the Hearts that Stand and Work in Universal Love -
by whatever name; whether they know it or not; whether they stand together or alone; whether they know each other or not. Church is nothing except for this. Ever. "Blessed are the PeaceMAKERS."

Christlikes are the church, by whatever name. There is none other.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The DNA of Joy, Life, Peace-of-Heart - Heaven. Clinically.

"Crave Joy, over Pleasure.
This is Heaven.
There is none other." SL

"Live as tho the entire world depends on what you do [, because it does];
and realize that what you do probably will make no difference at all [that anyone recognizes]" Buddhist

"The Exact Measure of your Life equals
the number TO WHOM you make yourself Immediate Family.
Billions for Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi.... And for you?" SL

"Faith: Our work is to make the Great Unseen Manifest - Universal Love." SL

"BE WILLING TO FAIL. Be unwilling to not attempt." SL

"Dying for us all to have the TRUTH, Love, Life, Peace, Joy of Christ Jesus." SL

"'TOUGH-LOVING,' not the deathly word 'non-violent,' translates Gandhi Truly." SL

"You're responsible for what you do; never for what I, Pr. Obama, Congress, China... do." SL

"What's less than Universal Love is more than hopeless; it's Death." SL

"Opposites: Cancer & Healthy Tissue; Selfishness & Universal Love." SL

"Salvation is ENTIRELY re-adopting the LEAST of these in Our Family globally." SL

"To BE Universal Love is to BE HARSH ChemoTherapy." SL

"The killing continues till we brothers and sisters take and hold the field. Guaranteed." SL

"Living is Loving. Death is not." SL

"You must BE the VISION of what you wish to see in the world. SHOW US, or shut up." SL

"So many suffering; so little time." SL

"Love is about me FOR YOU. Lust is about ME FOR ME & MINE." SL

"Never think that a radically committed individual can't change the world.
It is the only thing that ever has; or ever will." SL

"Full effort is full success[; there is no success besides this." Gandhi

"You are what you DO, not what you think, feel, intend, desire, say, believe, know..." SL

"None of us can escape making a difference. The only variables are direction and degree." SL

"I believe it is better not to live than not to Love." William Sloan Coffin

"The Golden Rule: Accept your share of the global resources;
NEVER more, NEVER less, ever, even tho it cost your life." Gandhi paraphrase

"The Secret of Life: For the Joy of it, Live your Life on the line for the least of these our Family. It's Salvation." SL

MLK Jr. Paraphrase: 'A person is lifeless, worthless, until they are laying down their life for others.'

"Stay with God (Universal Love / Conscience) and all will be Good." SL

"Love is Universal, Joyful, entirely about the-least-of-these, involves Courage, or it is not Love." SL

"I adore Jesus, and you, far too much to be "a Christian."" SL

'My problem is not the violent racists. My problem is the Good folks that say -
this is terrible, but we can't fix it yet, not in this way, not so fast,
I'm not quite ready to put MY life on the line, I can't devote myself now because....' MLK Jr paraphrase

"The Perfect (and only) Solution for Joy and eliminating needless suffering,
personal and interpersonal, individual and global IS UNIVERSAL LOVE.
To BE this Solution is why our genes have us here. Entertaining ourselves is NOT,
and can never satisfy us; but it will destroy us." SL

"God (Universal Love), with certainty, thrusts us INTO "life's storms,"
to save the Life of the drowning, for the Joy of it." SL

"WAR IS INESCAPABLE; Hostility, Blood and Killing are NOT; only Heroic,
Loving Self Sacrifice is the alternative." SL

"Good IS God. They are identical. IDENTICAL. Period." SL

"We're born to work for Humanity; NEVER for money." SL

"There is but one True Religion - that practiced by Jesus, Badshah Kahn, Eleanor Roosevelt,
Teresa, Rabbi Heschel, Gandhi, Romero... - Universal Love.
There are no True Organized Religions today,
but there are individuals OF the True Religion - Universal Love - including some of you!" SL

"If you value pleasure then you believe what you Please.
If you value Love, Life, Joy, Peace-of-Heart then you value Truth [of what serves the least of these.]
No 3rd option exists." SL

"Wealth of Life, Joy, Love and Peace-of-Heart are found in the service of the least of these.
If not there, not Joy, Life, etc, but rather - pleasure." SL

"Do unto the least of these all that you would have them do unto you - AND THIS WILL SAVE YOU." JC Repeat, Sleep....

"Example is not the major thing in influencing people; it is the only thing." Albert Schweitzer

"If you see another man he is either your brother in religion, or your brother in humanity." Muslim Cleric Imam Ali

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."

"Leadership is the unleashing and focusing of Spirit." SL

"Leadership is going and standing where others need to arrive." SL

"It is not WHAT you do. It is THAT you do with Universal Love / Total Commitment / Complete Devotion, Period." SL

"This is your "Freedom:" Choosing existence IN The Matrix, or Life outside The Matrix. No 3rd choice."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

* Teachings of Jesus, a Christ, that are Central for us

The Purpose and Center of Life: Do unto the least of these, ALL that you would have them do unto you. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat... as the totality of your life - BECAUSE THIS IS THE WAY OF COMPLETE JOY.

They will know you as my sisters and brothers, by how you Love one another.

There is no greater Love than to lay down your life for the poor, the stranger, the enemy... THIS IS WHAT LOVE DOES. THIS IS WHAT LIFE DOES.

Love as I have Loved.

If you pick up your Cross [Life -Totally Committed Courageous Service] it WILL cost you everything - husband, wife, son, daughter, farms, houses... but IN THIS LIFETIME you will receive 100 fold these in Infinite Riches/Wealth of the Spirit -
1. JOY,
2. LIFE,

We ALL have One Father; that makes EVERY HUMAN BEING your Family, NO double standards, GET ON WITH IT; RE-ADOPT THEM IN TRUTH - FOR THE JOY OF IT!

Hypocrisy is the most murderous of errors [the Greek word is "sin"]. Hypocrisy is the [us] ually habitual, chronicperversion, distortion, denial or destruction of Conscience, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Hypocrisy blinds and destroys Love, Conscience, Compassion, Truth, Humanity within the perpetrator, and the target." Hypocrisy destroys all hope.

If you choose Pleasure you will lose all Joy. If you choose Joy it will transcend all Pleasure.

If you Love me, you will do greater works than these, because I die now, and you can continue to learn and build on what I have taught you.

[also as written of in Tolstoy's "Gospel In Brief" (or THIS "Hapgood" translation here).]

Thursday, November 26, 2009

On The Economy

The current economy, its values and basis are intellectually,
and morally bankrupt.

False assumption:  Laws not Love must control transactions.

False assumption:  The "costs" of being my brother's keeper
outweighs the "costs" of blind, impersonal capitalistic relations.

False assumption:  Pleasure is the ultimate reward (from stuff).

False assumption:  Greed is more powerful than Love.

to be continued

On Family

EXACTLY what distinguishes the True, Healthy, Un-Crippled Humans
- Christlikes - from the rest is the issue of Family. For the Healthy - Family is
ALL Humanity born and who are in the future born. TOTALLY. PERIOD. Who
was NOT Gandhi's child? Who would Eleanor Roosevelt NOT put
EVERYTHING on the line for? Who did Jesus Love less than others?....



TRIAGE? YES. We are physically limited beings. If we conceive a
child we have a special responsibility to that child. AND MOST SACRED

Triage? Yes! Yes, you help someone suffering next door if you can do
so faster and with less resource than by helping someone around the world.
Duh. But the practicality of Love, RATHER THAN the constraining, conditioning
of our Love dictates these agonizing choices, NOT Biology or Familiarity,
or Similarity OR FAVORITISM per se - EVER.


Our Experts. Our Souces of Truth.

PRIMARY:  The Still Small Voice born within us all.  Reclaimable by most of us.
"I will allow just one tyrant in my life, the still small voice within."  Gandhi.  Us too.

SECONDARY:  The words and Life of Jesus.  The writings of Tolstoy:


Psychology:  Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl, Mihalyi
Csikszentmihalyi, Carl Rogers.

Sociology:  Pitirim Sorokin (Ways and Power of Love)

Committed Living: Teresa of Calcutta, ML King Jr., Gandhi, Diane Wilson,
Amy Goodman, Vandana Shiva, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Rachel Maddow,
Eleanor Roosevelt, Kathy Kelley, Oscar Romero....

Literature:  Charles Dickens

Movies:  The Matrix, Medicine Man, Man of LaMancha, Dry White Season,
Power of One, Cry Freedom, V for Vendetta, John Q...