The Temple where the Spirit 0f Universal Love Lives - the Hearts that Stand and Work in Universal Love -
by whatever name; whether they know it or not; whether they stand together or alone; whether they know each other or not. Church is nothing except for this. Ever. "Blessed are the PeaceMAKERS."

Christlikes are the church, by whatever name. There is none other.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Beliefs We Live By

Immediate Family: Everyone born and who is born in the future. THIS is the Immeidatae Family of the Christlike - as you can see unmistakably by how we Live, and how we Love. For this we are ridiculed, persecuted, prosecuted, reviled, killed and gladly die. Yes, we may have biological offspring, and yes, due to proximity and original responsibility/cause; but this is NO DOUBLE STANDARD. All are our Immediate Family - NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Spirit / psychological state of Universal Love (Humanity, Sister/Brotherhood, by whatever name), as Best Modeled thus far by Jesus*, but also King, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Teresa of Calcutta, the loving mother, the loving father, the loving sister.... For most of us, the most perfect Embodiment, Personification, Incarnation yet is Jesus as found in his Words and works of Love.

We are "Christlikes:"
"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ," Gandhi. We are not "christians," "hindus," "atheists," "muslims...," although we may use any or all of these, and their "practices" to serve our religion of Universal Love. We strive with every ounce of our being to be Christlike - Universal Love (Christ) incarnate. "If you love me, you will do greater works than these." Jesus

Our Religion: Universal Love [that about which we are entirely "religious"]. The One True Religion as practiced by Jesus, Gandhi, King, Gaffar Kahn, Abraham Heschel... and is imperfectly deep at the roots of Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity.... The One Religion rooted in our DNA.

Our Purpose: Eliminate Suffering and Spread Joy

Our Method:
To Be Universal Love / Sisterhood / Brotherhood Incarnate - to "be" Universal Family TO all, especially the least of these Our global Family.

Persecutions: If we are not being Crucified we are not being Christlike. The capacity for selfishness in the human nervous system knows the capacity for Universal Love AS ITS DEATH, which it is. They are mutually exclusive. Universal Love exercised by us IS the threat of awakening Universal Love in the selfish. They will do whatever it takes to stop us. "Family" is the primary basis on which they attack us - that we refuse to any longer Divorce our non-biological Family they cite as our Mortal Crime. It is in fact Salvation itself - there is no other.

"Church:" "Church" is the people that stand in Universal Love - whether they know it or not; whether they stand together or alone; by whatever name; whether they know each
other or not. Church is nothing except for this. Ever. Hmmmmm. NOT buildings. NEVER dogma. Christlikes. Those that stand in Humanity with the suffering. Naturally we seek to support the WORK and SPIRIT of other Christlikes - SO THEY CAN BETTER SERVE! Whatever "Church" there is NEVER is FOR us; but rather FOR THE WORK, THE SERVICE, which is totally what Christlikes exist for. Christlikes ARE the Church, by whatever name. There is none other. Ever. Period.

Universal Love [what we understand as Spirit, Holy Spirit, Christ]: "The Love of a mother for her child [extended to everyone born and who are born in the future,]" Gandhi. That is, a DNA Given Capacity of the Human Nervous System [if it were more than that, how could we know?]; which has been understood as the Divine; which is the highest form of human intelligence; the highest form of Motivation, Inspiration, Insight, Brilliance.... The stuff of Miracles [non-mystical, non-magical] throughout history. Universal Love - The only hope for Humanity; the only Salvation; that which we Christlikes are dying for, YEARNing for, striving TOTALLY to embody, GREEDY for, working to submit to, to be the conduit for every moment of our life - FOR THE JOY OF IT; FOR THE HOPE OF IT. FOR THE LOVE OF IT.

Our Teachings, Our Creed: Our Teachings, Our creed are the Truths of DNA-rooted Universal Love/Conscience/Humanity/Sisterhood... as articulated Primarily in the Teachings*, Words and Works of Love of Jesus as rendered in most Bibles, excluding anything and everything Super-Natural, and also as written of in Tolstoy's "Gospel In Brief" (or THIS "Hapgood" translation here).

Our Leader / Master / Sovereign / Tyrant:
Universal Love / Conscience / The Still Small Voice Within; aka Holy Spirit; aka Image of Creator in which we are all born, with which we are all endowed at birth; 0r as understood in the day of Jesus - Jehovah - The Almighty Power that we all can feel but no one will ever be able to name. "I will allow just one tyrant in my life, the still small voice within." Gandhi. That Spirit that Jesus* is known to be the greatest Servant of, the greatest repository of, the greatest embodiment of; as known by Gandhi, and us.

What we do: We Love EVERYONE as seen unmistakably in the devotion of our Spirit, Energy, Life, Resources, Talents to the Least of These our Global Family - exactly as the most Loving Person you have ever known, or known of Loves. No, we are no more than mortal humans. Yes, we cannot physically Love everyone - that is, we have physical limits. But we don't accept Spiritual Limits to Loving - that is, Universal Love, we are capable of, and have chosen to make primary in our lives. We understand this to be our choice, to make this our dominating competence, in the same way a mountain climber could choose to gain the competence to climb any mountain.

Our Salvation / Heaven / Life: Fully Adopting out of Love all of our Human Family, ESPECIALLY "the least of these Our Family." ENDING THE DEADLY "DIVORCE" THAT THIS SICKEST OF ALL SOCIETIES HAS FORCED ON US - THE DEADLY, CANCEROUS, MURDEROUS NOTION THAT ALL ARE NOT OUR FAMILY - ESPECIALLY the poor, the sick, the destitute, the outcast, the loser, the foreigner, the enemy.

What it means to be "Saved:" Simply, the psychological existence that is maintained when all waking moments are possessed by the needs of the physical or mental suffering among the least of these our family. "Saved," practically, is Saved from selfish, simply pleasurable existence and pursuits which we have experienced as grossly, utterly and entirely inferior to the psychological state of Universal Love that inerringly and continually floods us with infinite Joy, Life, Love and Peace-of-Heart; exactly as Jesus promised, and lived.

We know ourselves to be Spirit: We know ourselves to be beings of Spirit in a physical host, the body. We respect the body as necessary but not sufficient to the expression and work of the Spirit. But we are Spirit, and will gladly sacrifice our bodies as needed in protection and expression of the Spirit. We are dying that others (the other cells of our Body) might Live, with Joy.

We experience ourselves as Cells in the Body of Humanity: The Joy, the Pain, the Suffering of any part of the Body is our Joy, our Suffering, our Pain... exactly.

We Love Truth as the Basis of all Life: Truth is inseparable from and entirely demanded by Universal Love, our DNA rooted, inborn religion. The Loving mother, our model, DEMANDS the Truth from an MD regarding her suffering child. All children are ours. All humans are Our Family. We demand the Truth, even if it is hurtful to us; ESPECIALLY IF IT IS HURTFUL TO US. We worship the Truth because it is the foundation on which we may Serve.

Our Understanding of Life: Life is the Living out of Love for the least of these within Our global Family, born and for those who are born in the future. LIFE IS NOT PULSE, IS NOT METABOLISM, IS NOT FLESH. We cherish pulse, metabolism, flesh, but we cherish Spirit, Living out of Love as Life itself, and DO sacrifice flesh, pulse, metabolism as every good soldier does, for the sake of Life of the Spirit.

"Joining" the Christlikes: "They will know you by how you Love one another." Jesus. There is no "joining," only becoming and being. [Same with the Marines, world-class mountain climbers, Olympians....]. Christlike is something you are, or are not; never something you can self-declare or "join," or be arbitrarily EXCLUDED from. "They will know you by how you Love one another."

The Christlike Church:
NOT the Catholic Church, Baptist Church, Lutheran Church... all of which we agonizingly face as beyond redemption; as was the Nazi party beyond a certain point of corruption. Jesus did not call us to REFORM. Jesus demanded we "come out" of the ruin that was the "Church" of the day, and BE CHRISTLIKE. JUST BE CHRISTLIKE. And he STILL calls us to come out of the "Church" of THIS day, and BE CHRISTLIKES, which IS the Church.

No, we are NOT christains: Our beloved brothers and sisters that consider themselves Christians, with few exceptions (1 in a million, literally), have been lead astray by hypocrites, and themselves have become hypocrites, EXACTLY as the Jews had become in the day of Jesus... and today. With almost no exceptions they are devoted Churchians, and use every device and deception to make certain they are not dragged over the line into becoming Christians. We are Dying to Save them.

Heaven: The way Life feels when we Live Chirstlike. The way we make the world when we live Christlike. Infinite, Uninterupted - Joy, Love, Life, and Peace of Heart for the Christlike, AND PERSECUTIONS, and the HELL of the other Suffering Cells of his Body - Born, and who are Born in the Future.

Hell: The way Life feels when we do NOT live Chirstlike. The way we make the world when we do not live Christlike - DEVOID of Universal Love, Life, Joy, Peace-of-Heart, and drowning in Lust (mistakenly called love).

The True Religion: Universal Love, Universal Family, Humanity (not InHumanity), Conscience by whatever name.

Church, Organized Religion, Etc: Church at best is a means of practicing the True Religion - Universal Love. As practiced these last centuries all organized religion - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism... are beyond redemption.

"Christians," "Jews," "Muslims," "Atheists....": ALL are our brothers and sisters - our relation to EVERYONE is brother and sister; REGARDLESS of what another chooses as their relation to us, including if they choose Hatefulness, Persecution, Murder toward us; ESPECIALLY THEN.

Hypocrisy: Chrinically, fundamentally believing and talking one way, and fundamentally living / behaving another way. Lying to oneself FIRST. The most Deadly of things - Death to the Holy Spirit.

Our Religion: Universal Love, Being your Brother / Sister, regardless of the personal, physical "cost."

Tough Love / Harshness: Oh are we Tough. Oh are we harsh - because the prevailing utterly needless horror around us, plaguing Our Family is Harsh! "I consider myself a soldier." Gandhi. We consider ourselves soldiers, on the mission to Save humanity from its otherwise living Hell both physical and spiritual.

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